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The Kodiak Daily Mirror serves as the news source for the Kodiak Archipelago, which includes the city of Kodiak, the Kodiak Island Borough and the seven main Kodiak Island villages. The newspaper is published five days a week, Monday through Friday, with an average daily circulation of about 2,500. It is a contender for being one the smallest daily papers in the country and serves a total population of around 13,000.

Kodiak Island is the second largest island in the United States, behind the big island of Hawaii. One of its most famous inhabitants is the Kodiak brown bear. Most of the population lives in the city of Kodiak or nearby within reach of the island’s road system and U.S. Coast Guard Base. Most of Kodiak Island is only accessible by boat, floatplane or – for the most daring – on hiking feet. Kodiakans are connected to mainland Alaska via daily flights (usually to Anchorage) or periodic trips on the vessels of the Alaska Marine Highway System, the state’s official ferry transportation service.

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Miracles happen: Small regional hospital and its patients beat the odds with three successful but challenging aneurysm surgeries. The “triple A” surgeries have upwards of a 90-percent fatality rate, even in larger metro hospital facilities.

Down at the pawn shop: Feature on the local pawn/locksmithing shop whose owner claims to have the biggest opal in the state of Alaska – with a price tag of $10,500. As a locksmith, he has interesting stories to tell of getting local residents out of tough situations.

‘Made it, Ma! Top of the world!’ (Almost literally): The U.S. Coast Guard continues its second season of Arctic Domain Awareness flights to observe Arctic Ocean ice patterns in northern Alaska, among other official goals. The flight went from Kodiak all the way up to Barrow – the northern-most point of the United States.

The Alaska Cult: This opinion column is one man’s account of how the Last Frontier is a statewide cult. It has been linked on several websites and garnered some statewide attention (and e-mails to my inbox!) after being linked in the Anchorage Daily News daily newsreader.

Protesting in snowfall: Kodiak’s Women in Black chapter stands outside the post office every weekend to protest the war in Iraq. Excerpt: “Five of the most loyal, ‘hardcore’ members of the Women in Black stood in front of the U.S. Post Office along Mill Bay Road Saturday afternoon. The snow fell quietly and gently from the cloudy skies above as cars whizzed by and most everyone else remained in the winter air only long enough to get from the car to the post office.”

The British are coming!: The first cruise ship of the season for Kodiak arrives. It was the earliest a cruise ship has ever docked in the city, at mid-April. Passengers off the boat, the Balmoral of Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, reportedly had some adventures: getting caught in an avalanche and even mistaking whales for rocks.

Payback for the Exxon Valdez oil spill: Investigative piece on a conservation group’s efforts to acquire a large parcel of land outside of Kodiak. The land, a northern temperate rainforest, would be an example of Exxon Valdez oil spill settlement money going toward a restoration project – one the general public can easily access via car or on foot.

‘Deadliest Catch’ crew from Kodiak: A 100-percent hometown crew reports on their adventures being filmed for the popular Discovery Channel series on life in the Bering Sea.

Kodiak’s blogosphere unveiled: Kodiak may be a small town, but its residents blog about life on “The Rock,” as some call Kodiak Island, under anonymous names. One of the bloggers is the undisputed king of the online community, though his identity is somewhat of an open secret in the small town.

That’s some good coffee. Hey, let’s start a band!: A band with Kodiak roots travels the state and enlightens on some of the group’s funny anecdotes.

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