About Me



– Freelance Journalist

– Dabbling Photographer

– Classically inclined (and trained) musician

– Teller of that time he flew in a fighter jet

Bradley Zint is an award-winning Southern California-based writer, editor and journalist with more than 15 years of experience in newspapers, magazines and specialty publications. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and political science from California State University, Long Beach and a master’s in business and professional communication from Bellevue University.

His journalism career has involved working throughout Southern California as well as Alaska and Massachusetts. Bradley has reported on municipal affairs, public safety, education, business and the arts. He has also had stints as a classical music critic and food writer.

Bradley has taken on assignments that run the gamut from everyday city hall reporting and school boards to conversations with gourmet chefs and middle school science whizzes. So far, in the pursuit of a story, he has fallen into a harbor, experienced Lyft’s experimental “Taco Mode”, felt the wind off the Arctic Ocean, rock climbed in the desert, been up close with Kodiak bears, slept in his car, seen ghosts, worked 21-hour days, reveled at the Vienna Philharmonic, witnessed a Russian Orthodox holy pilgrimage, missed lunch and interviewed a paleontologist who discovered the world’s smallest dinosaur.

Bradley is a San Diego native who now lives in Orange County with his wife and a feisty calico cat. He works in marketing but maintains a busy freelance writing schedule.

One time, at a film screening, he even sat in front of Tom Hanks.

“I know newspapers backwards, forwards and sideways. I can write ’em, edit ’em, print ’em, wrap ’em and sell ’em. I can handle big news and little news, and if there’s no news, I’ll go out and bite a dog.”

Chuck Tatum, “Ace in the Hole”